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Project Management

Maybe you're an actor/director who needs a producer. 

Maybe you have a venue that you think might work for a play.

Maybe you work in a school that wants more theater integration into classes or outside companies come to perform.

Maybe you are on a social services task force and need an arts component.

I am passionate about performing arts.

I love putting all the pieces together to create a show. 


We can make this happen, you and I: 

  • Crazy idea to clapping audiences

  • No money to fully-funded from multiple income streams

  • People talking about the show, wanting more

  • Engage kids & adults and get amazing information 

  • Create raving fans of your customer service

​First half-hour conversation is free. 

Having worked with Devra in a variety of ways, what I am most impressed with is her way of pouring her full energy into projects and individuals. In so doing she inspires a sense of  excitement to collaborate creatively. Devra is a true cheerleader and initiator. When she is around things get done, projects become real and people become inspired. She is a pure joy to work with!

Anoo B.

Durham, NC

Devra is always on the lookout for ways to make things better for the performers she works with. Besides thinking ahead, she also has the wonderful combination of thinking creatively and being very organized. And if all of this wasn’t enough, Devra is cheerful, easy going, and knows a lot of important things about chocolate.

Alan G.

Durham, NC

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