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Project Management Solution:
  • Successfully open your visual or performing arts show
  • On time, on budget, with lots of fun
  • Make the details easy so we can make the big picture even bigger
Raving Fans Solution:
  • Find your current raving fans and stoke the flame!
  • Turn one-time attendees or donors into repeat patrons
  • Build a raving fan culture within your organization
Community Stregthening Solution:
  • Engage your community's artists
  • Add arts into civic practices and public life
  • Long-range planning for a livelier community

Like baking soda in a baking recipe, I make reactions happen. I'm always looking for projects, events, and ideas that we can inject with the arts.


My focus is on local artists, local culture + heritage, and strengthening our fantastic small and medium municipalities.


Because I believe in the vitality of local stories and artists to the vibrancy of a small city, I wrote a book about what happens when a large arts center for touring acts moves into these places. The good news is there are ways to harness these new resources for small organizations. 


I've felt that from the commercial business side, too: I've worked with independent retailers for years, growing raving fans that loved the level of service I provided and told everyone to shop at those stores. This time in retail also gave me a strong business-sense: I'm as comfortable with profit&loss statements as I am talking set dressing or color choices.


Between my ten years in retail and fourteen in arts leadership, I've facilitated almost a hundred performances or shows and developed hundreds of relationships with artists, patrons, and fans. I can help you. 



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