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You have your work you want to focus on. You're busy creating your art or running a non-arts business or serving in a municipal position. You know how important arts can be in a community: not only do the arts work to provide jobs, educate youth, engage seniors, drive tourism, but they also create a greater sense of belonging

Your heart is in the right place. But you're not finding as many fans or deepening relationships because you're busy doing your core work. And that's okay. That's what I'm here for.
Anoo B: "Having worked with Devra in a variety of ways, what I am most impressed with is her way of pouring her full energy into projects and individuals. In so doing she inspires a sense of  excitement to collaborate creatively. Devra is a true cheerleader and initiator. When she is around things get done, projects become real and people become inspired. She is a pure joy to work with!"
Dan S: "Devra is a true professional. She delivered what she promised, for the price she quoted and on time. Every time. She just made things easy. She’s been a friend to me as an artist and a passionate advocate for the Triangle theater community. She often approached me with new ideas for marketing and showcasing my company: always very generous with her time and knowledge. I benefitted greatly from working with her both personally and professionally. Trust me, once you work with her you’ll know."
Alan G: "Devra is always on the lookout for ways to make things better for the performers she works with. I worked with her as part of the production team for The Improv Percolator, a Triangle based improv showcase. This monthly series would never have gotten started if it wasn’t for Devra calling together the improvisers using her theater and asking them how she could make things better for us. Besides thinking ahead, she also has the wonderful combination of thinking creatively and being very organized. And if all of this wasn’t enough, Devra is cheerful, easy going, and knows a lot of important things about chocolate." 
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