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Devra, a blonde woman with purple shirt

Hello, Friend! 

I am passionate about helping performing artists (and all artists, really) build thriving relationships with their fans. 

My research interest is on local arts ecosystems: how arts make our communities our homes.

I hold a Master's in Arts Administration from Goucher College and worked in theater management at four theaters across North Carolina from 2006 til 2019. 

My first book is Courting the Community: The Impact of Performing Arts Centers on Arts Organizations in Small and Medium Cities (2014). Soon available as an e-book, but if you want it as a straight PDF, let me know!

I am currently researching, interviewing, and writing The Stage is Open: 25 Years of the Triangle Theater Community from 1990-2015ish. More on that soon!

I produce an old-fashioned Arts Salon each quarter. I invite a dozen artists of different genres for "good meandering" conversation or sharing their art on a specific theme. It's catered by EMc2, a local food artisan. 

From 2019-2022, I published the blog and two print issues of the Color of Fayetteville, highlighting hundreds of the amazing independent artists across Cumberland County. 

I've written for The Indy and Americans for the Arts. I ran the column The Marbury Project about women in arts. Recently I've done journalism writing for the North Carolina Literary Review and the Arts Council of Fayetteville. 

You can read more about what I'm doing right now on my Now page or my thoughts on all things local arts on my Blog. 

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